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Hunter Sinclair

Senior Programmer Manager/ Team Lead

Hunter has been working with computer technologies since 1992 and been specializing in Internet technologies and web development since 1995. Over the course of the his career he has had the unique pleasure to work with nearly every aspect of web development as well as many web application development languages and tools. Hunter also worked in several other areas including customer support, marketing, product development, project management. He continues to managed large teams of developers and is always on a quest for more knowledge.

Hunter continues to consult with GGI numerous emerging technologies. He focuses on Cloud Infrastructure Services geared to client deliverables across numerous horizontal market segments. He meets every challenge with a view honed from the lore and experience his vast travels have provided.

At Home:
Hunter has many other personal ventures, that keep him busy. Many are technology driven, others are business and life driven. He continues to enjoys boating, fishing, sports, family and friends, and still finds time to enjoy a new restaurant, sushi or steak.