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John Simmons

Technology Advisor, Fellow and Friend

John's technology background extends from the 1970's and aerospace defense systems on through enterprise-level computing and storage infrastructures. At Tandem Computers, Inc, John directed the worldwide product support and software sustaining development operations for the fault tolerant UNIX products utilized in mission critical applications. Subsequently, he worked extensively with K-12 educators in selecting, funding, and applying technology to improving both the quality of education and the educational experience for schools throughout the southwest. At Avnet, Inc., he was responsible for championing the company's enterprise-level networking and storage solutions. John's experiences include everything from installing computers to boardroom presentations - from working with loading dock personnel to C-level management.

Even though John is retired, he is always available to provide wisdom to GGI at any level required. He is invaluable in client advice and approach because of his vast history in the industry. We still often call on him to advise on complex client negotiations and contracts which empowers GGI to convey the client with confidence. GGI is fortunate to have John who can always provide insight because of his vast knowledge from a long background in technology. 

At Home:
John's just as much a technophile at home as he was when working. Computing technology continues to be his hobby. When he is not tinkering with a computer, piece of software, or a network, you will find him on a local golf course wishing he had some technology that would help him fix that slice. All of those activities, though, are subordinated to the attention he applies to his children, grandchildren and family.