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Tim Gahagan

Technical Project Manager, Consultant, Visionary 

Tim started in the computer industry since 1991 and computers have been his hobby since 1984. Before starting GGI Technologies, Tim worked for a small networking company in Austin, Texas in the capacity of Vice President of Sales. In 1995 Tim left to start GGI Technologies which would focus on Networking Technologies and the emerging Internet. Even after 20+ years Tim sees no reason to add more to this simple beginning.
Tim challenges himself by staying on top of emerging technologies and implementing them for GGI's clients to create business solutions. Tim has designed, implemented, and maintained network infrastructures ranging from 5 computers to ten's of thousands. He has experience in all business management roles, work flow management, website conception, design, implementation and support. He provides Clients with total business solutions, from conceptual design to end user ease of use, while focusing on core technologies and allowing for ease of expansion. This continues to become more clear and focused with the advent of Software as a Service, Cloud Based Computing and Hosted Services.
At Home:
Tim continues to see computers as a hobby, and he is a gadgeteer that constantly challenges himself with new projects, devices and technologies. Tim has numerous business ventures that consume his time. When he can find spare time he spends it rebooting and decompressing so he can focus on the next project or idea. He also continues to occupies himself with hands on projects such as electrical and mechanical projects, including boats, hot rods, and other sorted time vampires.