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Tom Fairey

Wisdom and Integrity Advisory, Fellow and Friend

In Tom’s career he founded an astonishing 29 companies and pioneered technology and business solutions for all of them. His vast knowledge of business processes and business management has propelled him in being an early leader and adopter of technology. He served on more than 30 board of directors because of his knowledge, experience, and expertise in business. In his early years, after a short movie career with Gene Autry, he obtained his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Out of college, in 1953, he directed the Nuclear Design Group for Westinghouse Electric Corp’s Atomic Power Division. He conducted early research on nuclear reactor stability and control, eventually managing the nuclear design group of physicists for the Nautilus, Skate, Sargo and Swordfish, nuclear submarine projects. On his return to Austin in 1959 he became CEO of an industrial machinery distribution company and grew the business to over $40 million in annual sales. During this time he developed and managed the implementation of database systems to streamline business processes. He eventually evolved into a technology consultant for an array of clients.

Even though Tom is now retired, he was always valuable to both GGI and our clients due to his vast knowledge of almost all business situations. He continues to be indispensable in finding solutions for any challenge.
Tom's most valuable deliverable is still wisdom.

At Home:
Tom is now retired, but GGI continues to rely on his wisdom and knowledge for many aspects of our business. He still finds time to take continuing education classes at The University of Texas all while managing an active social life with friends and family. The one quality that he has taught us all, is honesty and integrity are the most important trait in all aspects of life.