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Outsourcing Solutions and Auditing

Choosing strategic partners and procuring technology and services is a complicated task in the ever changing world of technology. Outsourcing proves to be a cost effective way to augment staff and increase output while providing timely and responsive solutions.

Outsourcing allows companies more quickly adapt and implement new technology, by taking advantage the specialized knowledge they may not have internally. Outsourcing provides a strategic way to identify and acquire technology for numerous projects, including software development, migration servers and infrastructure management.

GGI Technologies can determine outsourcing solutions by:

• Identifying and evaluating alternatives before procurement
• Implement strategies to manage outsourced resources
• Weigh cost, schedule, and performance goals against current staff and workload

Often outsourcing solutions fall stagnant or have no clear direction, this is when an outsourcing audit is needed. Monitoring and keeping your strategic partners and technology is a complicated task. Many Clients lack the manpower to provide all services and seek outsourced solutions, this creates a situation where no internal personal is monitoring the external service providers. An audit will identify issues with the services and support as well as how internal services can better augment the outsourced functions.

GGI Technologies can audit outsourcing solutions by:

• Identifying neglected services or mismanaged resources
• Documenting areas of improvement and non-utilized technologies and services
• Develop processes to for internal auditing and management