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Technology Project Management

Technology projects come in a many forms, from integration management, to product development, and software development. Along with the need to use a specific development approach, there is also the need to apply the discipline of project management. There is a need to clarify the link between these development approaches and project management techniques.

There is often difficulty in managing technology projects in today's business environment. It is imperative that the project management processes integrate with the prototypical development life cycle. GGI Technologies has a comprehensive understanding of the project management process. This process should be completed before beginning any other phase of a project in order to produce a plan that will deliver a project on time, within budget, and within scope. During the course of the project the project management process should be revisited to address any changes or issues.

Technology Project Management should accomplish the following:

• Define the phases and deliverables of the project life cycle
• Define the phases and deliverables of the development life cycle
• Define the elements of an effective project
• Apply a variety of tools in developing a project plan
• Develop an effective requirements document
• Build an effective Work Breakdown Structure
• Learn how to identify, quantify, and manage risk
• Develop, monitor and control schedules
• Describe the importance of a project closeout process

By rigorously applying these concepts of project management to a developmental life cycle we will ensure success, reduce costly mistakes, and guarantee repeatability for any project.