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Because of the demand for useful technology documents, GGI Technologies publishes many of the documents we have provided our Clients. GGI realizes that many companies spend valuable man-hours generating these type of documents and we feels that internal manpower could be spent in more cost effective ways. This is the reason we provide these documents to the public at no cost or copyright.

The documents are viewable via the web or downloadable below.

Technology Documents

Acceptable Use Policy
Active Directory User Matrix
Independent Contractor Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Public Google Documents

iPhone friendly Auto mileage spread sheet. iPhone friendly form for entry of Miles on Tank, Gallons used, cost per gallon. This submits to a sheet1. Sheet2 calculates MPG and Total cost. Sheet also allows for entry of Service Change items, such as Oil Changes, Transmission Fluid Change, Tire Rotation with Odometer reading.

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